About pakicetus

Pakicetus is an extinct genus of amphibious cetacean of the family Pakicetidae,that lived around 50 millions years ago and is nicknamed as “walking whale”, is the only known intermediate between that of land mammals and aquatic cetaceans.
It’s long gone and left wide family of different creatures, whales and dolphins, hippos and horses, all come from Eocene’s little guy.


About an artist

hudozhnikIgor Didenko works in wax hand carving media in jewellery since 1995, making all kinds of models for casting, rings, earrings, pendants, mini sculptures, coins, e.t.c.

He works on his own designs as well as for such companies as Eve J. Alfille, Ltd in Evanston, IL, and Casting House, Ltd. in Chicago, IL.


About the company

Pakicetus Jewellery Design, Ltd. provides services of custom jewelry wax hand-carving and miniature wax sculpturing both for jewelry manufacturers/wholesale jewelry and gift industry and for individual clients, works with unique clients’ designs, makes and suggests its own line of jewellery and mini sculptures.

Our goal is to use all talent and skills of people working here for keeping art of sculpting alive through technological changes of our times.

To show in work real joy of using natural capabilities of our hands. To leave after us as fruitful legacy as our old buddy Pakicetus.

Enjoy checking out our collection of hand-made wax models, paintings and custom-made jewellery.

You are welcome to contact us for a free estimate or with any questions you might have.